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How To Beat Your Fears

Do have a phobia about any of these.
Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders
Ophidiophobia - Fear of Snakes
Acrophobia - Fear of Heights

Lots of people do.  So how do you beat them or at least make it easier for yourself.  SIMPLE

Use this Combat Techniques that is given to high level competitors, soldiers and everyday people.

When do you do it?  Just before you place yourself in a fearful situation or when ever you feel like you need it.

1. Breath deeply through the nose and count to four.  While doing so, breathe with your stomach.  It should expand as you inhale

2. Hold that breathe and count to four.

3.  Slowly exhale and count to four.  Your stomach should contract.

4. Hold you breathe for four seconds again – an then repeat the process four times.

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