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An Unlikely Encounter of Masters

During the year 1912, the government encouraged and promoted the Chinese Martial Arts to the public.

One tournament in particular drew the attention of the finest martial artists in the North and the South. It was during this time that Tarm Sarm (who was representing the South) was preparing his students with extra conditioning and training.

Among the notorious fighters from the North was Ku Yu Cheung, famous for his ‘Iron Body’ features and for the ‘Untamable Horse’ incident.

Master Ku had such a strong desire to train with Master Tarm Sarm that instead of fighting each other. They decided that an exchange of their top disciples would be beneficial to both schools. It is here where the influence of Northern Shaolin in the Buk Sing style came from.

Among the disciples who swapped from Tarm Sarm to Ku Yu Cheung was Master Kong On, father of Master Kong Hing.

It was after this exchange of disciples that two of Tarm Sarm’s students successfully encouraged the rename of the school to be ‘Buk Sing’ (Northern Victorious).

Sifu George Michielsen and his Sifu’s Vince and Dave Lacey have all trained with Great Grandmaster Kong On and his son Grandmaster Kong Hing.  An extremely privileged honour to have.

From here the next student is you.

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