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Kung Fu for Pre-Schoolers

Teach them self confidence and they will teach themselves the rest

"Its so enjoyable to watch them doing Kung Fu, they’re really in the moment."

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Our kids martial arts program achieves dramatic, measurable, and exceptional results for your child.   Our youngest members learn the art of focus, co-ordination, self discipline and self defence, great tools for a happy and well adjusted life.

“Michael is thoroughly enjoying the classes and his confidence increased substantially, his hand and eye co-ordination improved. It is achieving what I hoped for Michael, so thank you very much.  He is not having any problems in the playground thanks to the program which helped increase his confidence in his physical and mental self.”  Vivian K

They receive a balance of fun whilst gaining important mental and physical co-ordination to set them up for life.  Our kids Kung Fu program is the best way to give your child a strong foundation for the future.

This Is The Age Where Greatness Starts Book Kids K…

This Is The Age Where Greatness Starts
Book Kids Kung Fu Introductory Program for Only $25 and Receive Two Kung Fu Classes.


We are proud to share other people's stories about our Kids Martial Arts Program

Exercise. Thats what he needed to sleep well at night. Thank you Chinese Kung Fu Academy because now I can sleep too.

Joanne V.

The kids absolutely love it. Running around training like their favourite Ninja characters on TV and learning a skill for their future life.

Mark and Michelle

As a mother I have been concerned on how bullying affects people. After speaking with a friend who’s son was doing Kung Fu, I am now glad that Lucas is doing it too. I am confident that he can handle bullying now because of the Academy. Lucas loves coming to training and I enjoy watching him, not only at the Academy but anywhere possible. I would recommend it to anyone.

Rebecca Palamara

Brilliant. You guys provide a great service and I feel very confident about what you do.

Peter and Karen

Our son loves it. As soon as the younger one reaches 4 and a half he will be doing it too. Thank you :)

Martin P.

It is interesting to see children are keen to practice Kung Fu. They are happy to learn and they are learning fast. Teachers at the Balcatta Centre are young but they have shown their kindness, maturity and talent in Kung Fu and their willingness to share their learning with children.

Sarah Chau

Thank you for performing at such short notice. It was a true testament that you guys know what you are doing. Excellent performance

Sandy H. Birthday Party

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School Programs

We work closely with many schools that require special events or just something different for the students. Call us or email. We are available to cater for you.

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Keep Them Occupied Grab the Online Course.

Keep Them Occupied Grab the Online Course.

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