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Workplace Tai Chi Classes Health And Harmony

Perth's Premier Workplace Tai Chi Provider

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A healthier worker is more productive, and one with better work/life balance is a greater asset to the employer.

Long term mental and physical health of people in the workplace is directly related to the business bottom line.

Tai Chi practice in the workplace can improve functional fitness and feelings of well-being, according to a study published in Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation (2009; 34 [3], 331–38).

The benefits of Tai Chi may include:

•Decreased stress, anxiety and depression

•Improved mood

•Improved aerobic capacity

•Increased energy and stamina

•Improved flexibility, balance and agility

•Improved muscle strength and definition

We provide 45 minute to 60 minute Tai Chi classes. The classes can either be part of an employee health day with an introduction to Tai Chi or as part of a regular booking On-Site at your offices where we can cater for different levels with a beginner, intermediate or advanced class.

Since 1995 our team have toured the state of Western Australia delivering simple and easy to to follow workplace classes, demonstrations and more.

We teach workplace Tai Chi that can be learned quickly and easily so that your people can gain maximum benefit in the shortest time possible to work in with their busy day.

Call us on 9240 4240 to discuss the perfect program for your group or Contact Us via email.

I would like to thank your team for the Tai Chi and Lohan Qigong sessions that you did, the women REALLY enjoyed it, plus we received such wonderful service!  Cveta Savreska, Ishar Multicultural Womens Health Centre

I love the Chen Tai Chi. It has given me a positive mind set and with that, I have to this day lost 29 kilos of weight.

A. Leach

A place where anyone can learn amazing skills and become a part of an amazing community. I've been attending for over 6 years and can't/won't imagine my life without the Academy. The instructors are friendly, determined and inspirational.

Abbey Dunne

I have found it a privilege and honour to be able to learn under Sifu George. My health has improved along with my mental state. I look forward to many more years.

Adult Kung Fu Member

The deep tradition and flowing form of Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing has improved my fitness, focus in all areas of my life and my overall feeling of wellbeing.

Andrew Geddes

My home away from home and family away from family.

Benjamin Thatcher

I can honestly say, the most Profound and Positive change I ever made in my life was meeting Sifu (George Michielsen) and getting involved with this school.

Clinton Gray

Exercise. Thats what he needed to sleep well at night. Thank you Chinese Kung Fu Academy because now I can sleep too.

Joanne V.

The children are given structure, routine and respect. Krystal’s confidence, self-esteem and self-respect have developed remarkably

Karina Wells. Belmont

A photo of two lion dancers.

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