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Kung Fu for Children

At this most impressionable age our martial arts for kids gives them solid foundations in life, to carry through to their teenage age years.

"My mum and dad said I could do anything I wanted. I want to be like Bruce Lee. I just want to keep training here."

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Children’s Kung Fu Classes Perth :  Do you want your child to…

  • Do well at school?
  • Feel secure?
  • To be socially competent?
  • Have good friends?
  • Be leaders rather than followers?
  • Be confident in themselves and in their own abilities,
  • Have the strength of character to keep on the right track?

For over 20 years our martial arts Perth program has guided children like yours with the character building tools only found in martial arts.  Studies have shown that the martial arts for kids is more effective than team sports for developing self-esteem and confidence.

We specialise in anti bullying and getting kids to focus and use up as much built up energy as they have so they can get a great nights rest and grow. Develop child as strong,focused, and powerful individuals.

Also very high on our list is the anti-bullying program, which gives kids confidence and strength. All of this is done in a manner that is safe, fun and proven to succeed.

“The children are given structure, routine and respect. Krystals confidence, self-esteem and self-respect have developed remarkably.” Karina Wells, Belmont

Martial arts for kids is more than just learning how to kick and punch. We take pride in our students and encourage them to become leaders, which increases their confidence and communication skills dramatically.

They’ll Thank You for Starting Them Young...  Bo…

They’ll Thank You for Starting Them Young...
Book Children’s Kung Fu Introductory Program for Only $25 and Receive Two Kung Fu Classes.

We are proud to have such great testimonials

Kung Fu has given my son the confidence to get around bullying.

Sharyn Brown

I wish my parents made me do Kung Fu when I was really young. Im glad that I take my children so they don't have to say that.

Nicholas C.

I cant believe the great change in attitude since we started him in Kung Fu. Keep doing what you are doing at the Academy we are happy at the results.

Tim And Annette

Its been two years and she still loves it. We see an improvement every time she goes to Kung Fu.


The STAR Program is EXCELLENT. He makes his bed does his homework and looks forward to training everyday.

Gary K.T.

Our boys have been a part of Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy since 2010. We have loved watching our sons grow from young children into very well developed & respectful young boys. Kung Fu has taught them the beauty of the art, respect, control, structure, discipline, development and tradition. They have had amazing opportunities to take part in performances, ceremonies & celebrations. They have also loved meeting & learning from great international grand masters. Our boys have the upmost respect for Sifu George Michelson, their Si-Hings & Si-Je's & all the team involved.

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School Programs

We work closely with many schools that require special events or just something different for the students. Call us or email. We are available to cater for you.

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They can put their training on a computer and take…

They can put their training on a computer and take it anywhere. Grab the Online Courses

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