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Tai Chi Perth for Everybody

Chen Tai Chi is peaceful, stress relieving and has proven healing qualities for the mind and the body.

"My GP told me to do some exercise! So I decided to start Tai Chi classes. I went back tho the GP and told him to join too, because it WORKS so well!"

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Feel more vibrant, experience greater health and well being, grow old feeling young all through the gentle yet dynamic art of Chen Tai Chi Chuan.

NOW is the time to learn the ancient Chinese way to bring life energy, balance and harmony into your life.

I truly enjoy every one of my Chen Tai Chi classes.  I always feel very warmly welcomed by everyone, and it is a pleasure coming to a place with such a warm and friendly atmosphere.  H. Daintone

Life energy is called Chi(also spelt Qi) and it flows in and around the body, constantly changing, interacting and influencing the physical domain. Blockages and disruption of the free flow of Chi is seen as the basis of dis-ease. When your Chi energy isn’t flowing freely, you can get sick, stressed or emotionally out of kilter. Disease, pain, health problems, and negative emotional conditions are symptoms of blocked energy.

Embark on an exciting journey. The techniques, exercises and forms you learn are powerful tools that, if you faithfully use and practice, will create major positive changes in the way you see yourself and your world

We run classes for all experience and ability levels including Tai Chi for beginners.

Try Out Two Classes  Book an Introductory Program …

Try Out Two Classes Book an Introductory Program for Only $25 and Receive Two Tai Chi Classes


How do we know it works? Because everyone sees the results.

I love the Chen Tai Chi. It has given me a positive mind set and with that, I have to this day lost 29 kilos of weight.

A. Leach

Since I have started Tai Chi, I have found my self confidence grow as well as my ability to deal with work related stress. As well as feeling physically healthier, my body is stronger and I have more energy.

M. O’Shafe

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't felt it for myself, I love the feeling I get from practising the Chen Tai Chi...Thank You.

Marjorie Troy

I made a lot of friends and learned a lot about myself and much more about Tai Chi.

G. Carlson

Due to the high standard of training given, and the diligent but very friendly approach of my instructors, I have succeeded in attaining all of my goals. Actually, I must say that I am getting much more out of the school than expected.

M. Learmonth

I love this school. Chen Tai Chi has helped me so much in my fitness, flexibility and most of all happiness. Thank you Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy.

Julien .C

Ask anybody that doesn't practice Tai Chi and they'll tell you that it's a pastime practiced by old people in a park. Seeing Master Wong Seng Choong practicing his art, was an eye-opener! Aside from grace, there is incredible strength and balance on display. Taking it a step further, you learn the combat application of each move and realize that it is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discipline, self-improvement and self-defense.

The instructors are as patient as they are knowledgeable and the classes are held in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Challenge yourself, open your mind to an wealth of culture and new experience and give it a go!

Tony Johnson

Training in Chen Tai Chi and Lohan Qigong at the Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy was one of the best experiences of my life. I was fortunate to be able to train regularly with Sifu and the many wonderful instructors at the school, all of whom actively helped me to improve my techniques and develop my skills in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Suffering from high blood pressure and back pain due to mild scoliosis, I found that regular practice helped to reduce both my blood pressure and back pain. I know that I've learned skills that I will practice for life, to the benefit of my physical health and general well-being and happiness.

I'm glad that I started my martial arts journey with this great school. I would encourage anyone who has considered getting into martial arts, or a complete health and fitness system to do the same.    

Tim von Carate

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Step into the wondrous world of Tai Chi or Qigong at your next event. Whether your planning a group session in a park or looking for the perfect lunchtime exercise for your team, we cater for you.

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Book your obligation Free Intro Class for only $25…

Book your obligation Free Intro Class
for only $25 and Receive Two Classes.

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