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Tai Chi and Qigong

  • What is Chi And How Does It Affect Us?

    What is Chi and how does it affect us?  "Chi" [also spelled Qi or Ki] is simply the Chinese word for "breath." Not only the breath of humans but the breath of the universe and everything in it.  In your body Chi also manifests as the flow of blood around your body.  The greater and easier it flows the greater the energy you have.  Hence the stronger your “Chi” becomes.  Read our article about Chi

    Or check this out on youtube:  Awesome Tai Chi Display

    [caption id="attachment_1676" align="alignnone" width="300"]Tai Chi Practice to discover Chi Tai Chi practice to discover Qi[/caption]

  • What is difference between Tai Chi and Qigong?

    Chi Gong, Chi Kung, Qigong, Qi Gong  (again all the same just spelt differently through complications of translation to english language) is a form of Tai Chi. The differences lay in the set of movements that you learn as well as how you breath during those exercises.

  • I have never trained in Tai Chi or Qigong, is that OK?

    Absolutely!. We have new members starting year round and we always have an introductory beginner instructor working with you so that you are comfortable learning the moves for the first time.

  • I have heard of so many different types of Tai Chi, why is this one the right one?

    This system of Tai Chi has been specially chosen to fit in with The Shaolin Qigong and the style of Kung Fu taught at the Academy.  All the hard work of finding the right one has been done for you.

  • What Style do you teach? 

    We teach teach Chen Tai Chi and the very rare Shaolin Qigong

  • How do I know what style to choose?

    We suggest to experiment and see what you enjoy. When you get started in our introductory program you will have the opportunity to try both courses. Simply pay for one and the other is complimentary.

  • Is there any self defence movements in Tai Chi or Qigong ?

    Yes Chen Tai Chi and Qigong have hidden self defence moves that are slowed down to disguise them.  The more you learn the more you will see them.

  • Do you follow School Terms and Holidays?

    Our Tai Chi and Qigong classes run every week of the year, with a very short break over the Christmas and New Year period. This means that you can join us anytime of the year and with the comfort of knowing that you wont be interrupted due to school holidays.

  • Are the classes big?

    Yes we have many students learning Tai Chi and Qigong at the Academy. To ensure every student gets that one on one help, we always have several instructors teaching in any one class. That means, your group size will be nice and small, and you will get to see what all the other students are doing around you.

  • Can you do Tai Chi and Qigong?

    Yes! We have many students that enjoy the benefits of learning both of the styles. You gain a deeper understanding and have more variety to choose from when you practice at home.

  • Is there self defence movements in Tai Chi and Qigong? 

    Yes indeed.  Both Tai Chi and Qigong are based on Kung Fu moves.  In fact Kung Fu originated from a Monk called Dart Mo who meditated in a cave for 9 years and came out to teach other monks the art of Qigong.

  • I have a bad back, arthritis etc, can this help? 

    We choose not to give medical advice.  However we can assure you that many people who do Tai Chi or Qigong experience great improvements in their health, both mentally and especially physically.  We explain it as soft NO impact exercise which is what every human body requires.

  • Am I too old to start? 

    Never.  If you don't start how will you know?  We have students right up to the age of 70 plus in both Tai Chi and Kung Fu

  • How much are classes?

    Class prices can vary depending on how much you train.  The more you train the cheaper the class.  And the Academy is open to you 7 Days a week.  Our classes are great value and have no hidden extras so our prices include all classes, personalised grading, and subsequent coloured belts.  When you join the Adult Kung Fu program it also includes Tai Chi and Qigong classes, and for our Junior Kung Fu program we offer discount to parents for our Tai Chi and Qigong program.

  • Can I try out both styles? 

    Everyone does.  Its the best way to find out exactly what works for you.  If you like them, you can do both.  They are included in the price.

  • How do I get started? 

    Great question.  you can book your first class by phoning us on 9240 4240 or  online here 

    Come in to the Academy on the date you chose, our friendly front counter team greet and guide you through everything.

    Start with the two, no obligation introductory classes for $25 and get the FREE Dragon T-shirt.

    After your introductory classes, one of your instructors will have a chat with you and answer any questions that you may have about getting started at the Academy.

  • How do I learn online? 

    Thanks to technology and the huge demand, we have placed as much of our classes as we can in the members section of the website.  Easy, informative videos that you can follow wherever you have computer or smart phone.  You can purchase them and use it wherever and whenever you like.

  • I travel a lot, how does this affect my training? 

    Once you get into the swing of things you’ll be able to train as you travel.  When you come to the Academy we show how to train when away and also what to train.  You can also get the Online courses to bring with you anywhere.  Please ask us for more details when you call.

  • Do we offer Pensioner or Family discount? 

    We like everyone to enjoy the many benefits martial arts can bring, so we offer discounts for students in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong, also family discounts are available.  Any discounts and promotions are discussed with you in full after your introductory classes.

  • How Do The Classes Work

    The normal procedure for our regular timetable classes are:

    1.  Come to class 10 minutes early to settle and get ready.

    2. Class starts with a guided meditation and warm up with everyone together.

    3. Students get split up into their levels and an allocated Instructor runs each level with Assistant Instructors to help guide you

    4. At the end we have a cooling down period where you can chat with other students or just stretch down for the night.

Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online …

Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online courses

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