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Kids and Teens

  • Will my child learn how to defend themselves even against bullying? 

    Yes in many ways.  We have zero tolerance for bullying.  Firstly they learn to recognise what bullying is physically, manually and on the internet.  Its a big thing that we ensure everyone at the academy is aware of this and how to defend themselves and if the need arises to defend others.

  • Are the class sizes big? 

    The classes do get big.  We always have enough experienced Instructors on the floor to cater for it.  Big classes provide big energy, loads of fun and and the opportunity to learn how to interact with others.

  • Do your instructors have Working With Children Checks? 

    Most definitely.  It is also a legal requirement

  • Can I stay and watch the class? 

    There is a viewing area.  We prefer less distraction for the kids so they can completely focus on training and learning.  The large carpark is always full of parents getting together waiting for their children too.

  • How many times should I bring my child to Kung Fu per week? 

    Minimum of two time per week to get the results.  As they become more accustom to training they will want to come everyday.  And Classes are available everyday 7 days a week.

  • What are the benefits of starting them young? 

    Getting started in Kung Fu or anything is an advantage.  They quickly absorb everything and carry the knowledge on through their entire lives.

  • Are there mixed girls and boys in the class? 

    Yes there is.  There is no discrimination of any kind here at the Academy and everyone here interacts in an appropriate nature. In fact, over a third of our junior classes have girls in them.

  • Do you teach them discipline? 

    Yes we teach what discipline actually is.  They gain a natural understanding of discipline because everyone is doing the same thing.  Our method is Praise in public and Correct in private.

  • Are you open for the school holidays? 

    We are open everyday except a couple over Christmas and New Years.  Our programs run all year round seven days a week.  We are actually aiming to go 24 hours one day.

  • How much are classes?

    Class prices can vary depending on how much you train.  The more you train the cheaper the class.  And the Academy is open to you 7 Days a week.  Our classes are great value and have no hidden extras so our prices include all classes, personalised grading, and subsequent coloured belts.  When you join the Adult Kung Fu program it also includes Tai Chi and Qigong classes, and for our Junior Kung Fu program we offer discount to parents for our Tai Chi and Qigong program.

  • How do I learn online? 

    Thanks to technology and the huge demand, we have placed as much of our classes as we can in the members section of the website.  Easy, informative videos that you can follow wherever you have computer or smart phone.  You can purchase them and use it wherever and whenever you like.

  • Do we offer Pensioner or Family discount? 

    We like everyone to enjoy the many benefits martial arts can bring, so we offer discounts for students in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong, also family discounts are available.  Any discounts and promotions are discussed with you in full after your introductory classes.

  • How Do The Classes Work

    The normal procedure for our regular timetable classes are:

    1.  Come to class 10 minutes early to settle and get ready.

    2. Class starts with a guided meditation and warm up with everyone together.

    3. Students get split up into their levels and an allocated Instructor runs each level with Assistant Instructors to help guide you

    4. At the end we have a cooling down period where you can chat with other students or just stretch down for the night.

Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online …

Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online courses

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