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The Hidden Meaning Behind The Guan Gung Alter

Guan Gung Alter

Did you know Hidden Meaning Behind The Guan Gung Alter?

In the year 1848, Chan Heung declared that an altar should be displayed at all legitimate schools teaching Choy Lay Fut. The altar pays respect to the system and also the past masters who have significantly carried on the name of Choy Lay Fut.

To be distinguished amongst other styles, Chan Heung wrote a famous couplet which was printed with black characters and on a red background because in Ancient China, the colour red had the power of fire to scare off evil creatures.

Starting from the top of the couplet, the first two characters join together to read ‘hero’.

Then below this character on the left side reads: Strong Fist Releasing Out Tiger Raises Head.

The right side reads ‘Graceful Staff Fly Above Dragon Wiggle Tail.

Traditionally, all alters displayed a picture or statue of the general Kwan Kung between the two couplet halves. Recently some schools have been known to place a picture of Chan Heung, founder of Choy Lay Fut.

At the Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy, we present all of our Grading students with their achievements in front of this alter and enjoy watching parents and friends take pictures at the time.

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