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Kung Fu for Kids for Development

Kung Fu for Teens develops physical conditioning while learning effective martial arts techniques. Kung fu body-weight exercises strengthen the whole body with exercises for the arms, legs, torso and core.

Practicing blocking, striking and kicking techniques, alone and in combination with a partner, helps build lightning-fast hands and legs.

They learn how to generate maximum power by incorporating full-body movement in your martial techniques.

Warm ups and post-workout stretching teaches them to keep their body operating at its maximum potential.

Teens in Kung Fu experience a more positive attitude towards life, great friendships, the ability to deal more effectively with peer pressure.  They have more self respect and the increased desire to do well in their study, work and home environments.

Our systematised belt and goal setting system allows them to track their progress.

The great outcomes we see are:

  • Self confidence, self control and self discipline
  • Self responsibility
  • Respect for themselves, adults, and each other
  • The value of setting goals and working towards them
  • Natural leadership
  • How to deal a bully situation
  • Focus and prioritising
  • A great positive attitude
  • Perseverance

Studies have shown that Teens who learn martial arts are more assertive and less aggressive.

They know how to defend themselves so usually don’t have to, because they carry themselves in a more confident manner.

Confidence alone is a deterrent to bullies when you combine self-discipline and self defence, you get self-confidence.

Children learning at our kids martial arts In Perth

Working Two Man Drills

Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online …

Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online courses

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