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Vipassana Meditation Centre Perth

Vipassana Meditation Perth by S.N. Goenka.
8 Tips and Tricks from the Field

The Vipassana is an incredible experience that translates to ‘see things as they are’. The technique teaches you to bring about a sense of calmness and awareness within your life (amongst many other things).


Everyday we accumulate experiences and react to many different things both good and bad. When we react, our mind can respond with aversion (push away, I don’t like this) or craving (I want more, I like the feeling etc). By doing this our mind becomes very set in its way, and we begin to become a ‘reaction machine’ full of preloaded responses and emotions. The Vipassana brings awareness to our habit patterning and the path to releasing them begins.

I have witnessed some of the most profound and deep changes in my students and assistant teachers after they have successfully completed the course. I have seen people (some of which are parents) let go of worry, negativity and bring about a more positive outlook on life.

Vipassana can also be practiced by children (they run a 1 day course for kids). Since starting the Vipassana, we now teach our Kung Fu kids to meditate by just sitting and being still. Parents have reported their child to be more relaxed and able to cope at school.


It is 10 full days of noble silence and you do abstain from all things that can distract you such as your phone, books, music, reading materials, journalling etc. This truly is a complete journey inwards but the rewards are really worth it at the end.

My family and I frequently attend the 10 day Vipassana meditations and have been doing so since 2008. Here is a picture from the centre in Queensland.


So, I have complied a quick list of 8 tips and tricks to help make the experience a truly deep and profound one for you:

  1. Have strong intent. Know deeply within yourself that you are completing the entire 10 days.
  2. Time. Give this time to yourself, no one else will. If you are looking for the perfect time you may be looking for a while. Just commit.
  3. Ups and Downs. No one said this is easy. You may have down moments and up moments. Trust that everything will pass and you will feel better the next day.
  4. The hall is the place to be. In my opinion, the hall helps you to meditate plus the group energy will keep you focused and motivated. I know this personally from teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi for so many years that people work great when they are in a group and training at the Academy.
  5. Patience. Be kind on yourself and have patience. The first few days can be some of the hardest because you may feel tired or sore from meditating. Like anything, if you keep consistent you are bound to be successful. Before you know it you will be meditating like a monk.
  6. Clothing. Bring clothing to suit the weather and make sure it is comfortable and loose. Test your clothes before you go. Take a seat and if your trousers restrict your leg movement, try something else.
  7. Silent Clothes. Bring clothing that makes no noise. Trust me. When it is completely silent in the hall you can almost hear a pin drop. If your clothes sound like a rustling sleeping back walking past, you are going to feel a little awkward and noisy.
  8. Sleep well. For the first few days, use the breaks to get as much sleep as you can. This will help you adjust to the timetable. If you are staying in a tent, bring a small alarm clock with you so that you do not sleep through the bells.



The teacher S.N. Goenka gives a discourse each night, the stories are amazing. In fact, he was invited to speak at the World Millenium World Peace Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders. The talk is incredible. I highly recommend watching the 14.10min video here

If you are thinking about doing a course in the Vipassana or would like to read more, click here.

We hope you, like many of the students and the teachers here at the Academy find true harmony and inner peace through the Vipassana technique.

Sifu and Sydel

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