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Unique Head Massage

This unique head massage comes from a very famous master of Kung Fu who lives in Hong Kong. This master comes from a very strong lineage in the Kung Fu circle. His name is Master (Sifu) Kong Hing.

Master (Sifu) Kong Hing

Master (Sifu) Kong Hing

Master Kong Hing would have to be one of the most impressive masters of Kung Fu I have every met in the 30 years I have been involved in Martial Arts

I learnt this massage in 1982 when I was in Hong Kong fighting in a World Kung Fu Tournament. Myself and my own Sifu’s and a group of my fellow martial artist had the privilege of staying at Sifu Kong Hing’s home in Kowloon for nearly 1 month. The time there was exhausting, I felt really tired all of the time because of the hard training sessions and the pollution.

Everyday Sifu Kong Hing would go to bed about 3.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m. (yes that’s in the morning) and be up again at around 8.00a.m. He never looked tired or worn out and he was always smiling and happy.

We asked our Sifu’s to ask Master Kong Hing how he does it. This is when he showed us this head massage.

We all started practicing this unique exercise every morning, after about 3 days it was incredible the way we felt.

I have never forgotten this and it makes me feel good every time I show it to someone who has a hard time getting up in the morning.

Just be consistent and the results will get better.

P.S In the section where I show you how to drum your ears. I tell you to pull you ears forward…if this is a problem for some people, you can put your palms flat against the ears making a seal and proceed with the rest of the exercise as normal.

P.P.S Sifu is the Cantonese name for Master or teacher.


Step 1: Sit or stand comfortably.

Step 2: Take your two palms and gently yet firmly rub down from the forehead to the chin and back up again. Do tis two or three times.

Step 3: Take each thumb and place them gently on the temple area.

Step 4: Keeping the thumbs on and temple area start using your fingers of each hand to massage along the hairline, starting from the middle of the forehead over the ears and to the back of the head. Do this at least two time.

Step 5: Bend your index fingers of both hands and rub gently yet firmly over your closed eyes, use the top part of your fingers to do this. Rub from the inside part of your eyes around the nose towards the outer part of the eyes. Do this two or three times also.

Step 6: Roll the ears gentle forward with your palms or place the open palm over the ears and with your fingers drum the very top part of your neck where it meets the head. There is a small indent which is where you need to do the drumming with your fingers. Drum the area with your fingers around 6 times.

Step 7: Place the two index fingers in the ear holes to form a seal and pull out quickly. The massage is complete.


Please be aware that these practices do not replace any medical advice or medications being taken. You should not stop any medication or medical supervision without consulting your Doctor or natural health practitioner.

Liability Disclaimer

The author, as well as the producers and distributors of this material, accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries to a person(s) resulting from the practice or adoption or use of any tactics or techniques included or otherwise implied in this video material


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