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The Power Of Intention

Yi  is a key ingredient in the Chinese Internal Martial Arts and loosely translated means Intention.  This is the part of the practice where the mind is used.

One of the most difficult parts of learning Chen Tai Chi and 18 Lohan Qigong is setting intention or directing Yi.  Basically it is the ability to imagine the energy moving throughout the body.    

Where the mind goes Chi flows.  This adage is used by Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners to develop Qi in the body.

With enough practice you will eventually “feel” the sensation of energy moving strongly throughout the body and you will use your Yi or intention to move it where you wish to heal yourself or others.

Yi or intention helps with sensitivity and focus and allows you to direct the energy in your body to certain areas for different practices such as healing.  

A great example is after Tai Chi or Qigong work we always ‘nourish the Qi”  This is basically a closing technique used after an energy workout to store the Qi in the lower dan tian.  

The lower dan tian is of course the store house or bio battery for our body’s Qi.

The technique uses intention or Yi to focus on the lower Dan Tian area to store the Qi that was built up after practice so you can effectively store the Qi you created.



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