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Superheroes and Bullying

Superheroes and Bullying


Truth is all of us should be allowed to walk around exactly like we are, in whatever clothes we want to wear and like whatever we want to like, but that unfortunately is not the reality we are faced with. 

In our Western Society we can be faced with an onslaught of should’s and have to haves or we don’t “fit in”.  I am talking mostly about kids but whatever applies to kids usually applies to adults but in a more subtle and stealth way. 

Adults are better at hiding or disguising bullying, they become more adept at manipulation and ambiguity.  So whatever applies to kids also applies to the world of adults. 

Bullying happens when we are perceived to be different from the pack.  This could be perceived weakness, ugly or weird in some way, or even having a different name or ethnic background, there are many reasons. 

Regrettably many of us are all about perception and assumptions and not what is true. 

If your child is being bullied at school etc, you and your child need to do something different, or the problem is not going to miraculously disappear. 

One thing we do teach our junior members is to always stand tall and look people in the eye.  This helps with the child’s self esteem and confidence and also helps with the way your child is perceived.

So if you know your child is experiencing bullying, try the superhero stance, as I like to call it.  When you’re in private with them, get he or she to think of their favourite superhero and copy how they stand and remember how it feels to stand in that position of power.  He or she can use that feeling if they start to feel unsure or insecure. 

This has a powerful physical effect on the body as the brain chemistry releases potent hormones that actually make you feel better, so help them to practice walking tall and looking straight ahead.

Try it yourself when you’re feeling unsure or insecure.

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