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STAR Program

More than Kung Fu. Then kids even learn how important it is to have manners, be focused and help at home and in school.

So what is the STAR program you ask? The STAR program is an internationally awarded program. It stands for Stop Think Act Review and Success Through Accepting Responsibility. At the Academy the junior students receive a STAR sheet every month featuring a different theme like How Can I Take Care of Myself, Listening Skills, Showing Respect and many more. They also receive home jobs revolving around self care and school that they need to complete to get STAR money.  We provide more than just Kung Fu here. Parents always say how well the STAR program works for their kids and really enjoy the results.  There is a STAR shop that students can go to and use the STAR money they receive.  Here we show the kids how to save and be smart with money.  How important it is to respect one another and what the word discipline actually means.

We also have a student creed that have been refined over 19 years of experience which is another tool to help kids focus, become more disciplined and involved not only at the school but where ever they go.

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Want to learn Kung Fu at home? Try our new online courses

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