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Simple Explanation of Common Terms Used In The Chen Tai Chi and Lohan Qigong.

Yong Quan Point – located on the bottom of each foot this is also called Kidney 1 in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  Massaging this point daily will help keep the Kidneys strong.

Luo Gong Point. – located around the middle of each palm this is considered the points where healing energy from the body can be emitted.  Just as a dog will use its tongue to lick a wound to heal itself we can use our hands – through the Luo Gong points to heal ourselves and others.

Dan Tian  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are three major dan tian.  Upper, middle and lower.  Each are considered major energy centres in the body but the lower Dan Tian is the main one considered for storage of Qi (see also Energy Centres and What They Are)

Hui Yin (Perineum)  Located at the very base of our trunk it lies in between the anus and the genitals.  Like all Acupuncture points it is not a physical location on the body that we can see, but none the less real.  It is the most yin point on the body.

Bai Hui – the exact opposite to the Hui Yin is the Bai Hui which is located on the crown of the head.  It is considered the junction point for all the yang meridians

Qi (see also What is Qi) Life force which permeates the universe and includes animate as well as inanimate objects. Also spelt Chi or Ki (Japenese spelling)

Meridians (see also Meridians and Channels) The network of energy pathways that flow throughout the body.         

Intention (see also Power of Intention) Mind training used in martial arts which involves focus and the ability to move Qi at will.

Yin/Yang a very complex yet simple idea shown as a circle with half black and half white symbolising the dual nature of things and we cannot have one without the other.  We would not know day if it wasn’t for night.  We could not know good if we didn’t know evil.  And within each lies the seed of the other.  Our true nature is complementary, interconnected, independent yet interdependent.



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