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Key To Training – Practice Tai Chi Qigong at home

Practice Tai Chi Qigong at home

One of the most effective things you can do to practice Tai Chi or Qigong at home is to have a space outside in a sheltered area out of the wind (a sunny spot is always best to catch the morning sun!).   Secondly,  create a space inside your home so that when the weather is too cold or windy you can move your training inside.

Make sure you have enough room to move your arms and that the area is free of objects that you could bump into, this is to ensure that your training is undisturbed and comfortable.

By creating these two areas for yourself, you begin to build an energy within that space that supports your training. For example, a library creates a quiet space for you to study or a cafe creates a space where people work and socialize.  This is also why people like reading in the same spot or studying in the same area.

It is a fantastic tool to encourage your training and to create a space that is just for you and your Tai Chi or Qigong.

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