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Kung Fu Legend Kong Hing

Kung Fu Legend Kong Hing was trained rigorously as a child under his father, renowned Choy Lay Fut elder and Master, Kong On.  It was through this training that Kong Hing became one of the highest-ranking Masters of Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing and gained a very strong reputation as a fierce and forbidding master.  During his early years Grandmaster Kong Hing took on two students, Vince and Dave Lacey.  This was against his father’s wishes as the two brothers were only half Chinese and the Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing system had always been closed to the Western world.

Kong Hing was from Huaxian, Guangdong before settling in Hong Kong.  His mastery in the Northern and Southern fighting arts is a result of the regimented coaching he received from a young age from his father.  One of his favourite forms is the double broad swords which he performs with such light footed movement and agility that he is seen as ‘one’ with his weapon.

An upright man and an accomplished practitioner of Chinese osteopathy – another legacy from his father, Kong Hing is known to be a strict adherent to the code of ethics expected of respectable martial arts practitioner and Chinese healer.

Over the years, Kong Hing as taken on many challenges from Masters of different school of fighting arts and never once failed to impress his opponents.  He has a great following of disciples who went on to become Masters, setting up many Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing Schools around the world.

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