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Keeping Healthy – The Six Principles Of Health

The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle said that there are three things that, if we get right, will lead us to a fruitful life:

1) Health

2) Wealth

3) Happiness

In this article, we’re going to focus on health and the six key things you need to do to stay vitalised!

For many people, health is their number one value. If you have your health, you’re in a strong position to change other areas in your life: Health keeps you free from disease, allowing you to move freely and happily!

Here are the six principles of health. Focus on these areas and your body will certainly thank you.


Good Food

Your body needs nutrients in order to function properly. A well-balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, grains and beans, delivers the right amount of nutrients and phytonutrients (nutrients which are only found in plant-based food) to your body so that it can fight off disease, repair tissue and muscle, protect your immune system, and otherwise keep you in tip-top shape.

The healthiest food are fresh whole foods complete with all their rich natural endowment of nutrients.  They have not been highly processed nor do they contain synthetic, artificial or irradiated ingredients.  Whenever possible, the healthier ways of eating, meaning purchasing earth friendly grown foods, since they not only promote your health but also the health of our planet from which the whole foods come.

While avoiding meat altogether is not necessary, the recommendation is that you eat more plant-based food if you want to stay healthy.


Clean Water

“The fluidity of water can teach us that we are not solid, immobile beings, but rather, every changing yet powerful channels of life”.

Water is the substance, next to oxygen, that we need most but give the least thought to.  Approximately 93% of the human brain is composed of water.  The human blood is composed of about 83% water, both need to be refreshed regularly to enliven, revitalise and remove harmful debris from your body.  

Just like water evaporates from oceans and falls back to the land, water evaporates from your body, being breathed out with every breath and through sweating and urination and must be replenished in order that we continue living.

Water is truly the elixir of life. It’s the best way to stay hydrated, and it flushes toxins out of your body that build up.  Most of us are unknowingly dehydrated with terrible consequences such as, headaches, dry lips, body pains and even depression can be symptoms of dehydration.

Water allows cells to do what they are designed to do, generate life, health and joy throughout your body  Rule of thumb is 1 litre for every 22kg of body weight per day.

If you find it difficult to drink pure water add lemon or lime juice to your glass of water for maximum results. Adding a pinch of salt to your water will go along way to keep you hydrated also.


Fresh Air

Many health conscious people will ensure their food, water and cosmetics are organic and free from toxins, but how many of us are conscious about the quality of air we are breathing?

Air is our most vital requirement to stay alive and clean, fresh, moving air is the key.

Chronic disease is caused by a number of things, one of which is pollution. One of the biggest areas for pollution can be in your home. To keep the air in your home fresh, increase ventilation by keeping windows and doors open during the day and have indoor plants that create oxygen.  

At night keep a window open in your bedroom to refresh the air while you sleep or if you can’t, use a ceiling fan as they are great air purifiers (keep dust free of course).

Fresh air is also known to have calming effects on us.

Fresh air cleans the lungs out, while also boosting your blood pressure and heart rate.

The respiratory system consists of the breathing organs of your body, which broadly include the nose, throat and lungs.  

These organs can be prone to bacterial and viral overwhelm which lead to all kinds of health problems, which is why it’s important to protect your respiratory system.

The respiratory system has two main jobs to perform:

  1. To provide the body with oxygen and;
  2. To rid the body of carbon dioxide.

Your cells need fresh oxygen to break down and release energy from food, during which time, carbon dioxide also forms as a ‘waste’ residue.

Oxygen from air inside the lungs passes through the walls of the “alveoli” (millions of tiny air sacks stored in the bronchioles), blood vessels and into the blood.  The oxygen-rich blood leaves the lungs and travels to the heart, pumping it as nourishment to the cells of the body.

Carbon dioxide is expelled through the lungs when we exhale, sneeze or cough.

Embracing the principle of Air

  • Ensure you breathe fresh, moving air every day, the more, the better.
  • Breathe deeply during the day. Make it a habit to take 5 full deep, slow, long breaths outside when you wake in the morning in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Keep windows open, in your house, in your office and in your car!
  • Buy some indoor plants as they will add oxygen to the air you breath.



Research shows that sunlight from the full-spectrum rays of daylight are crucial to the human body.  These are as crucial as the food we eat, liquids we drink and air we breathe.  

Sunlight has even been found to be what stimulates the endocrine system which is how good health, both mental and physical is maintained.  

Current  scientific and medical research has shown clearly that the human body requires at least moderate amounts of the entire spectrum of natural sunlight on a regular basis in order to function at an optimum level.

Sunshine improves your mood by boosting production of serotonin, a so-called happy chemical. Sunshine can also protect you from the flu by activating white blood cells, while the vitamin D you get from the sun strengthens your bones and helps your body to fight disease.


Good Relationships

We are social animals who need to foster good relationships for better health. Friends and family look out for us, offer us help, and improve our skill-set. Psychologically, good  friends and/or family can lift our mood and support us through dark times.  Avoid relationships that hold you back from being who you want to be and that don’t add value to your life, make an effort to seek out positive, happy people and environments.

It’s important that you work hard at improving your relationships in all areas of your life (including work-based relationships) so that you stay positive and happy, as this will keep you free from stress.

Let go of the past and attempt to heal important relationships that are causing you pain. One of the hardest things to do is say ‘sorry’ and yet it can be one of the most healing for both people involved, it creates a clearing to move on.

Cherish those closest to you, spend time being present with them, hug them and let them know on a regular basis that you love them, most of all your children.


Having A Passion

A passion gives you a purpose in life and a reason to stay healthy and happy. Our ancestors taught that ‘pleasure is the greatest good’.

Identify the activities that bring you joy and do those things as often as you can. It can be as simple as creating your own at-home garden, making model airplanes or learning to play an instrument.

Ultimately your life is meant to be enjoyable, so take time to do those things that bring you healthy pleasures.

Stay healthy, stay happy!



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