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Don’t Get Mad – Get Even

“Don’t Get Mad – Get Even!”

What a great message. Don’t focus on your loss because you can’t go back in time and redo it. But you CAN start preparing for your next ‘go round’.

It’s a proven fact that we don’t learn faster or better when we’re angry, stressed, fearful, worried or under heavy pressure. Yet, at the same time, we want to improve, do better, achieve our goals and more. So how do you do so without making yourself worse with negative tension?

The first part is staying relaxed. The second is free and easy breathing, and the third is learning how to direct your mind with the creative power of mental pictures, so that you go toward what you want instead of moving further away.

When you get MAD – you’re almost always going down the wrong path – unless you’re able to become very conscious of the anger and use it as fuel toward what you want.

meditating at Qingcheng Mountain

The idea of “getting even” refocuses the anger toward a worthy goal. But getting mad alone doesn’t.  When you refocus the anger toward a goal, the anger changes into desire. You’re no longer angry. You’re relaxed and focused on what you want.

Along the way, give yourself credit for your successes, for the circumstances and events that have gone right in your life and carry that feeling with you on the journey to the goal.

Celebrate your successes.

Learn how to use your positive memories from the past and bring them with you into the future, so you achieve your goal with happiness and peace of mind already within you.

The truth is there is no single achievement that will make you happy forever. Most achieved goals won’t even make you feel good for more than a day or two. This means that the wiser approach is to bring happiness and peace of mind on the journey with you – and increase them even more as you accomplish your objective.

It’s a great way to live.

And you can discover how to do this in such a way that you can teach yourself

how to perform at your best, over and over again.

Warm regards

Sifu George Michielsen


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